How do I get Mac's icon on menubar?
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I’d like to see my unread mail count on the menubar. Is there an app that does this for the mac's default mail client? Thanks.
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I'm not aware of one.

You probably know this, but on the off chance you don't: you can set its Dock icon to show the count.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I know about the dock, but I don't want to have to keep flipping back to look. Thanks.
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Mail Satellite will do this. It was $15 shareware but it has been discontinued and is available for free from the developer. It may not continue to work after future OS updates for this reason but you could give it a try for now.
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SmallCubed Mail Suite can do this, and a bunch of other things (it can show counts for multiple mailboxes, lets you set up actions with key commands, and gives new categorization options for mail).
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