An electric range with a griddle?
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Can you help me figure out if it's possible in the US to buy an electric range (oven/cooktop combo) that includes griddle and grill accessories as part of the cooktop? This seems to be an option with duel fuel and gas ranges, but not electric.

My dad and stepmom want to replace their range, and they are big fans of the style of range that has regular burners but also griddle and grill accessories that can be plugged into the cooking surface. My gas range has an oval-shaped fifth middle burner with a griddle (this sort of thing). Several internet searches make it seem like the grill/griddle cooktop option is primarily with gas and duel-fuel ranges.

I am pretty sure I had an electric range with a griddle years ago, in a different house than I live in now. We could swap out two burners with a griddle accessory; they plugged in somehow. When I was a kid we had one of these from Jenn Air, and I think it was electric.

This out of stock listing on Wayfair is ostensibly for exactly this, but the photos don't actually show a griddle or grill part or how it could be swapped in. I looked on the GE website but didn't find any electric ranges that have this feature.

They live in a condo and won't be doing a kitchen renovation anytime soon, so I don't think it's an option to have a separate oven and cooktop. They already have a griddle pan that goes over a couple of electric burners, so that's not the solution.

When I do searches for this, all the hits are for gas. Am I missing any other options?
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This might be an option but we have a normal electric griddle that plugs into the wall. I thought it would just take up space but we use it more than once a week. We even have a gas range with a 5th burner griddle.

Something like
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I think you should look at a stand-alone electric or induction cooktop -- preferably the latter IMHO *if* you have compatible cookery. Electric stoves -- as you know -- cook unevenly and "pulse" to heat.
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I'd say: electric range griddle oven combo and go from there.

But also... a Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet, 5 Functions in 1 Unit: Contact Grill, Panini Press, Full Grill, Full Griddle, and Half Grill/Half Griddle sort of electric griddle may be way easier to accomplish. They'd probably use it more than they think as long as the size is right.
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Vintage Jenn-Aire, if they can make a cooktop work in their space.

There are some other random ones out there, vintage (1, 2) and also not-so-vintage new stoves with semi-griddle layouts. Not sure how well they work.
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Jenn Air still makes stoves like that.


Honestly, coil elements are shit and downdraft ventilation kind of sucks. Or, rather, doesn't suck enough.
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Thanks for your help, all! I ended up buying my dad and stepmom an electric griddle, and it was a big hit! Apparently they've made the best pancakes and salmon ever. Cheers!
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