What would happen if you ate a handful of jumping beans?
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Would you notice movement inside of you if you swallowed a handful of Mexican jumping beans?

I know they're not really beans, but some sort of worm in a beanlike coating.

If you were to swallow a handful whole, would you notice them moving in your stomach?

How long could you expect them to survive once swallowed?

This is not something I am planning to do! Just curious.
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Not jumping beans, but: I was at a summer camp as a kid where a couple of the camp counselors both drank respective plastic baggies containing water with goldfish in them (1 per bag). Both said they could feel the fish swimming inside of them. Both promptly threw their fish and the water and some bonus material back up. So, there's that.
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When did they stop being beans? I saw some when I was a kid, and they were beans. They didn't jump, they lurched. When the worm crawled to a different part of the bean, it changed the center of gravity of the bean, and the bean lurched to a different position. I doubt that you'd feel that if you ate some, since your insides probably don't resemble a tabletop.
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You'd likely have vicious diarrhea, but not because of the moth larvae.
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They're beans with a tiny critter in them. You might feel them move. I am officially squicked out, not that it stopped me from responding.
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Well, to answer WCityMike, they aren't really beans, they're seed pods of a shrub. So at least you probably wouldn't have phytohemagglutinin-related GI issues, but it would still be gross.
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Oh, and they move because the larvae are trying to get somewhere cooler. Heat will kill them, but I'm not sure if human body temperature is quite enough.
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According to isopod cleanse, you can feel them... not sure jumping beans would have enough movement to notice.
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Wait? Isopod cleanse? Is that a real thing?
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Isopod… cleanse.

ANYWAY, I feel like stuff is going on in my guts pretty much all the time that involves an amount of movement equal to or greater than that which a jumping bean would cause, and I don't notice. Maybe if I get an unusually big gas bubble I'll feel a bit of gurgling, but there's all kinds of pulsing and squishing and opening and closing and secreting and excreting happening inside me more or less continuously, and my body does not normally see fit to inform me about any of it. So I doubt if a little bit of bean-twitching would be detectable on the inside.
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Omigod... that isopod page is all kinds of wrong. Vivid details, helpful photo...

Well, extrapolating from the fact that the isopods don't survive, I don't think the moths would either.
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The Popeye cartoon has explored this topic! Spree Lunch (1957) - jumping beans at 3:00.
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OMG, that isopod cleanse thing 100% reads like a well-written troll post. Homegrown organic isopods! I can't!

Anyway, not jumping beans, but my grandfather who has eaten live shrimp says that you can feel them kicking all the way down your throat but that you can't feel them once they hit your stomach. Whether this is because they die or because you can't feel that type of sensation inside your stomach is up for debate I guess.
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