Do all musicals begin with songs?
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Suddenly curious... Are there musicals that do not start with "opening numbers," but instead have one or more scenes without music and singing beforehand?
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Phantom of the Opera's auction was the first thing to spring to mind.
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I think Jekyll and Hyde as well.
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Singin' in the Rain starts with a series of red carpet arrivals at a movie premiere and then an interview with Gene Kelly, which segues into a narrated flashback with music that isn't really an opening number. Link to the first few music-less minutes.
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Fun Home begins with Alison Bechdel setting up the frame story, reflecting on hers and her father’s history to write the graphic novel that inspired the musical.
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Dear Evan Hansen starts with a scene where Evan types a "Dear Evan Hansen" letter, followed by a short conversation with his mom before she launches into the first song.
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Urinetown begins with Officer Lockstock and Little Sally talking to the audience and given some plot info the audience.
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The Wizard of Oz has several scenes before singing, Peter Pan too. And Fiddler on the Roof. I think it's the norm and am having trouble thinking of things that really start with a song...I went to a performing arts high school but that was a long time ago now!
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Sunday in the Park with George has some hits from the orchestra while the scene is set but starts with a spoken scene before the first actual song begins.
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The Drowsy Chaperone
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The Music Man starts with (rhythmic) speech dialogue on a train.
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And Fiddler on the Roof.

Fiddler starts with a very brief spoken introduction monologue set to music before segueing directly into the opening number.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but FYI Oklahoma was ***revolutionary*** when it first opened, for beginning with a single character singing a somewhat quiet song (Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'.) Prior to that, Broadway musicals always started with a splashy, loud song with lots of dancing girls, etc, to cover for the latecomers getting into their seats, audience settling down, etc.

Terry Gross just did a Fresh Air episode that mentions that in its day, Oklahoma was perceived as revolutionary, as fresh, and as much of a monster hit as Hamilton is today.
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Fun Home does start with a song - it’s called “It All Comes Back/Opening.” And though it contains some (underscored) spoken dialog, it is very much an opening number.

Came in to say Phantom‘s auction scene.
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RENT starts with a short monologue.
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Bye Bye Birdie opens with Albert on the phone in his office.
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1776 starts with dialog.
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Evita starts in a cinema with film dialogue, where a film is interrupted so the house manager can announce the passing of Eva Peron.
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