Old wooden filing cabinet with a missing lock
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We have a 1930s filing cabinet with a missing cylindrical lock (that looks like a standard size). I'm seeing cylindrical antique locks that match it in size, is it something we can replace ourselves or do we need a professional (and if so, what kind)?
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IIRC, you can get them at staples or office max...changing the lock on a filing cabinet is a common thing. They'll have instructions with them. If it's an antique livk that you must have, def. confirm that they have the keys, too, and any other hardware (I think they just screw in with a threaded washer on the back...you could prob get one at home depot)
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You can do it. The lock is secured into the hole by a washer and nut. The oblong plate that does the locking is secured to the lock with a screw. You have to remove the plate, washer, and nut to slide the lock into the hole. If the hole is circular, rotate the lock so the keyhole is the same as the other locks, then put the washer and nut on. Then put the plate on so it sticks up when the key is turned to the lock position.

A locksmith can probably modify the new lock to work with the old key (take that to the smith also.) In fact, it might be simplest to take out one of the old locks, and bring it and the key to a locksmith. The smith can supply a new lock keyed the same as the old ones.
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