Salty and soft
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What’s the softest salty licorice candy I can buy for under $20 to ship to the USA? I want to share this unique taste with a person who wears dentures, so the go-to dubbelzout is too firm.
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I bought some Halva brand Finnish Soft Salty Licorice for my mom this Christmas and it was pretty soft. Ships from within the US, and if you're in Chicago you can buy it in person at Merz Apothecary (I believe Smallflower is their mail order business).
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Iceland? It's firmer than gummi, but not actually hard.
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There are some salty licorice hard candies that aren't meant to be chewed, but sucked. Maybe one of those?
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Halva is among the softest I've tried. I have the "salty licorice" flavor and it's not strongly salty.

Salty tube licorice has a soft gritty paste center inside a thin chewy licorice tube, so it's easier to eat than something chewy all the way through.

If your person objects to the sticky chewiness but can have small hard candies those could deliver the flavor.
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Salty licorice ice cream topping. See example from Sweden.
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