Jetlagged in Denver: Where to Stay?
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Coming back to the US in late-ish February to visit family elsewhere in the state. Spending two or three nights in Denver to get a bit over my jet lag before I go meet my dad. Where shall I stay?

I am on a tight budget, so the cheaper the better (if I can get to it by public transit). If you want to rent me a bed or a room, let me know, but I don't really want to support AirBnB these days. So hostels, motels, hotels in the greater Denver area (accessible by public transit) are of interest. Also, I hope to meet up with some MeFites while I am in town so let me know if you might be interested.
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Best answer: There's a hostel downtown, walking distance from Union Station (where you'll presumably taking the light rail from the airport to) called Hostel Fish. It's upscale for a hostel, but rates are reasonable. (Note that the exterior decor kinda capitalizes on the fact that the building supposedly used to be a brothel, so if that doesn't fit your sensibilities, pass.)

Ember Hostel, similarly upscale-ish and with similar rates to Hostel Fish, is in another part of town called Capitol Hill, which is also very accessible via public transit.

If you're willing to go the Priceline route, especially the so-low-we-can't-even-show-you-the-hotel route, you can often find cheap rooms in hotels downtown. A visiting friend regularly finds ~$100/night rooms at The Curtis (a quirky, pop culture-themed Doubletree-owned hotel) that way.

The downtown Days Inn is often reasonable. The Extended Stay Americas on the various edges of Denver all have decent reviews and prices under $100/night on

Overall I strongly encourage the use of, or for finding cheap rooms. Denver hotels are generally pricey but there are almost always great deals on those sites. I think they over-estimate demand much more than hotels in other cities do.

Unless you are used to and comfortable with spending time in the parts of American cities people tend to refer to as "sketchy" or "scary," you should avoid hotels on Colfax Ave.

And heck yes I am a current local and super up for a MeFite Meetup.
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