Android batch id3 tagger?
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So I have a bunch of mp3 files on my Android 7 phone. For some reason, a whole bunch of them have broken or semi-broken tags. I would very much like to find some sort of free program that could clean them up sensibly. Details below the fold!

I have tried a number of different programs, but they all seem fairly lacking. Either they're unable to process several files at once (no, I do not want to go through and set the same year and album tags for each track individually) or they allow several files to be processed at once, but can't do really simple things like import track numbers and titles from file names, which means a batch tag, and then going through each track individually anyway. A lot of them seem to end up with albums that are incomprehensibly split in all my music players after the fact anyway (i.e. two or more entries for the same album with the tracks distributed between them, despite all the tags - aside from title and track number - being identical across all of them as far as I can tell).

Ideally I'd want something that could auto-lookup and fill in information for me: in an ideal world, I'd select a folder containing an album, maybe manually enter the album and artist name, and then have it do the rest from there.

Album artwork is a nice bonus, but not a must. Free is ideal. Not ending up with albums being weirdly split across multiple entries when loaded up in Google Music or whatever else is a must. Oh yeah, and I want a fucking pony.

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You want something that runs on your phone? Or is moving them to a PC to do the retagging an option? (Because Mp3tag does everything you could ever want to do tag-wise)
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Yes, I would ideally like to do it on my phone, for two reasons:

1) I would like to be able to fix things I download on my phone, which I am only ever doing if I want access to an album somewhere where I don't have my computer

2) The aforementioned weird/broken tag things happens with things that appear correctly tagged on a computer.
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I'm sorry I don't have more to contribute, except that the last time I checked, every Android tagger was either annoying adware or broken/hard to use. It's been about a year, though.
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Install Termux and then pip install as many great command line tools as you like, including various mp3 taggers.
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No issue with using command line apps, but I would want recommendations for them, not just for a terminal to run them from.
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If plugging your Android into a USB port shows the phone as a drive, you should be able to use any PC program. I heartily recommend MP3Tag. Download is free, they ask for a donation, but no restrictions. You can build tags from the filename, or the filename from existing tags, apply to multiple files at once, save the settings you use to parse the filenames for tag conversion - can't recommend it more enthusiastically!
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