Can I Eat Dutch-Process Cocoa Powder without Cooking It?
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I have some dutch-process cocoa powder. I want to mix it with various food (e.g. peanut butter) and eat it without cooking/baking it. Is this safe, or is it toxic/harmful if not prepared in a certain way? (This seems like a simple question to Google, but I really can't find any info addressing this.)
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Best answer: dutch-process cocoa is a usual ingredient in hot-cocoa mixes and other not baked foods like truffles and such, so I can't see it as harmful raw in any way. It's also sometimes used as a dusting on candies. I think you're fine.
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It's totally magoatally safe to eat as it is. I don't think it tastes very good on its own.
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It’s fine if you eat it “raw”. It’s unsweetened, though, so whatever you’re mixing it with is going to smell like chocolate and taste like anus if you don’t compensate accordingly. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to find some recipes.
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Yep. We consume most of our cocoa powder by mixing it into yogurt and pb.

As well as making some amazing chocolate sauce that is thick and rich and doesn't crystallize in the fridge. Would you like my recipe?

You do have to cook it (because it's a super-saturated sugar/cocoa solution) but it's a lot cheaper than Hershey's / Quik and tastes so much better, especially on ice cream.

Place dry ingredients in stovetop pot, and whisk together:

2 C sugar
1 C cocoa powder
Pinch salt
dash xanthan gum (like 1/16 tsp)

Add wet ingredients:

1.5C water
1 tsp corn syrup

Stir, and bring to a boil on medium heat. Boil gently until a temperature of 220F is reached, remove from heat. Decant into a heat-safe jar, it will pour, use a spatula to get the rest out. Let cool on the counter. When cool, thoroughly stir in

1 tsp vanilla

Cover, refrigerate. This keeps in the fridge for several weeks, remains pourable / spoonable, and does not crystallize.
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Milkstir recipe:

Big glass. Put in some _good_ vanilla ice cream. Add some cocoa and vanilla; if you're feeling saucy, maybe almond extract. Pour in some - just a little - milk, or, I think more tastily, some _unsweetened_ rice milk. Stir with a fork. Eat. The frozen lumps of milk make it better.
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Best answer: Self link to a chocolate peanut butter recipe. Self link to chocolate peanut butter #2. I am still here!
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Response by poster: aniola is speaking my language
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Yes it's fine. Regular cocoa powder is also safe to eat raw. Not appetizing, but safe.
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