Erotic Cakes in Atlanta?
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A group of friends and I are flying down to Atlanta this coming weekend to celebrate and support a friend going through a divorce. We would love to get her a penis cake...know any bakeries in the area that do that type of baking?
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You might want to try Rhodes Bakery on Cheshire Bridge Road. They are surrounded by strip clubs and sex shops, so they may have them. Or you could make your own.
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You can get erotic cookies and cheesecakes shipped from the Erotic Bakery.
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Inserection (an Atlanta-area chain, check the site for store locations) has stuff for making your own, and they might be able to tip you off to somewhere that does cakes.

Judging by their site, they also have just about everything else you could ever want for your situation, and Atlanta's alt-weekly Creative Loafing called them the best adult store in town.
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Not sure how big their delivery zone is, but ...
What? Huh? A cake shaped like a —
Never mind.

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I made one for a friend once.

We bought two chocolate loaf cakes (Is that the correct name? They are rectangular and sold in a bag) and frosting mix. We used a loaf for the testicles and the other one, perpendicular to the first one, was the penis. We carved it into shape with a knife, covered it with the frosting and decorated the testicles with chocolate sprinkles.

It was cheap and it took us half an hour to do it. And it looked great!

You can see a lot of examples here (NSFW, the link goes to the rotten library). The one I did looked a lot like the last one, but mine was prettier.
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I'm sure you could find one shaped like a woman going to the bathroom.
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God dammit, LilBucner, you beat me to it.

Make it layered. And ribbed.
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