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My husband likes this brief-bag. However, the amazon reviews note some problems with the hardware and the (dire, IMO) problem of the dye rubbing off on clothes. Can you help me find a higher-quality option in a similar price range (under $150)? I want recs from brands you KNOW are good quality, I can find 500 brown leather briefbag options on e-bags myself, but I'm a little short on time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

He doesn't care about the RFID blocking, and while some organizational pockets would be nice he's not married to this particular arrangement. Must fit a 15" laptop. Should have both a shoulder strap and a carry handle.
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I have been using a slightly smaller (tablet size) but functionally similar Kenneth Cole Reaction bag for several years now, and I love it. Their versions of what you're looking for seem to be in the right price range.
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My husband has a Clava one from EBags that he likes. It is not the greatest quality of all time but it holds up pretty well. It was more than you were looking to spend but they have other lower priced options.
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I always recommend Duluth Trading Company - their leather quality is lovely and their return policy is bulletproof. And there are a couple of Chicagoland locations if you want to see them and/or return them.
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LL Bean Signature Waxed Canvas Briefcase ($179) (ps there's a 25% off promo that ends tomorrow that would bring you down to $140, google for the code)

Fossil Buckner Messenger in Cognac ($209 with promo)

Fossil Buckner Briefcase ($149) (cheaper but not as visually similar)

If what he likes about the linked bag is the retro hiking pack styling of the double snaps, and not necessarily the leather, I would go with the Bean bag.
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