Where in the Willamette Valley along I-5 can I buy a tower drying rack?
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I am looking for a Euro style tower drying rack, preferably without wheels. The larger the better, 5 feet tall or more.

Like this or this.
I do not want an accordion or gullwing style.

Where can I find one in the Willamette Valley, close-ish to I-5, between Portland and Eugene? I do not mind driving into the city, if necessary.

I have already struck out at IKEA and the Container Store.
Amazon appears unable to ship me one without it arriving broken.
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It's a rather specialized item...not likely any of the Targets along I5. My first thought would be to call Design Within Reach in downtown Portland. They are wildly overpriced but might have a direction for you given that what you are after is a little more esoteric.
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Williams Sonoma has them as online only with store pickup available
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Walmart has some non-gullwing/non-accordian-style options, some of which can be shipped to the store for pick-up. All look to have wheels, though.
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You might also try the Muji that just opened in Portland.
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