Dingbat court? No...
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MetaFilter taught me about dingbats and bungalow courts, but is there a name for this common 50's / 60's apartment/motel style?

Two stories, L-shaped, boxy construction without interior hallways. Probably named "Aloha Court" or "Camelot Arms" or something. My link goes to the first one I could think of on Google Maps, although it's not the finest specimen. The nicer ones have landscaped courtyards instead of parking lots inside the "L".
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Best answer: I believe these may have originally been called 'motor courts'. Currently, they're 'motels', which are distinguished from 'hotels' by the lack of interior hallways.
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Best answer: Yeah, this is motor court / motel architecture. The nicer ones probably had parking at one point. The main evolution was from the chalet/cottage-terrace model (e.g. Col. Sanders's court and cafe) to a boxy construction with a second storey.
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Motel = MOtor hoTEL
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