In love and (at) war
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What are some movies where the primary storyline is about a romance between two people on opposite sides of a widespread war, and the fact that they have divided allegiances is what creates the primary conflict of the film?

Two things: both characters need to be actively involved in the war in some way, not just bystanders.

And it must be an actual war that is happening during the film. (i.e. Not just "warring families" or simple red state/blue state political differences.)

Movies only, please! Thank you!
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Well, Last Jedi, maybe. Definitely the next Star Wars film, Episode 9.
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The Beguiled, although maybe its just lust and war. And maybe Avatar?
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Suite Francaise.
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The English Patient (WWII)

The Last of the Mohicans (French and Indian War)

Shrek (Lord's Farquad's war on fairy tale creatures)
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Darling Lili (WWI)

Mata Hari (WWI)

...I guess I'm not allowed to say X-Men, huh.
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The Cuckoo is a movie about a love triangle between a Sami woman, a Finnish soldier, and a Soviet soldier in the final days of the Continuation War (plot with some spoilers here).
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Enemy Mine
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I've read that this is the plot of quite a few Israeli movies.
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Good Morning Vietnam
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Black Book (2006) is about the Dutch resistance in WWII.
This film is brilliant at sweeping away some of the fog of war to reveal something more difficult and complex to deal with. Highly recommended for the post question.
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