High fluoride toothpaste without mint?
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My dentist has prescribed me 5000mg fluoride toothpaste but I have a problem - they all contain spearmint which makes me sick. Does anyone know of a super high strength toothpaste that is either peppermint or (preferably) mint free? Preferably in the UK but I'm happy trying to source from overseas.
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What about using something like Gel-Kam - don't know if it's easily available in the UK, had to order through a pharmacist in the US although it does not require a prescription here. Gel-Kam comes in fruit flavor. It is not a toothpaste - it's like an at-home fluoride treatment that you brush on and leave overnight.
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Um, duh, I should have scrolled down on my own link. Colgate ALSO has a 5000 mg flouride toothpaste (Prevident) that comes in Berry flavor! That seems like exactly what you want.
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Can vouch for Prevident 5000 berry flavor not tasting minty, so presumably not containing spearmint. I am not a fan of spearmint, either, and am happy the berry flavor exists.
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Yes! I used to use President in the berry flavor because I too hate mint (USA).
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Though Previdebt was always prescribed by my dentist so I’m not sure how that works to get it f you’re not in the USA
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i use fluoridex. it is mint, but not spearmint.
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I can't vouch for the precise fluoride content, but I use Kingfisher toothpaste.
Made in the U.K.!
Love the fennel flavor; cannot abide mint t'paste.
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Response by poster: I know and love kingfisher, and adore the Italian (?) brand Marcus (which I may have discovered here actually) but they're both pretty typical toothpastes while 5000mg is prescription strength.
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American here. My dentist prescribed Prevident which comes in spearmint and fruit flavor. The fruit flavor is popular when the grandkids come over.
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Response by poster: (Don't doze and type. Marvis not Marcus.)
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