Like Indiebound but for toys
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I checked the archives, and I can't believe this hasn't been asked before! Are there any good alternatives to Amazon for buying toys for Christmas online in the United States?

I've got to do some Christmas shopping for my son, and I need to do it soon. He has asked for things like "a big dragon toy" (think Schleich) and "an Optimus Prime." I would love to find a good online retailer (or online storefront for a physical store) that is NOT Amazon where I can find these sorts of things. I don't mind ordering from more than one place if there are more specialized retailers (someone who only sells plushes, for example). I also want to avoid other retail giants like Target or Walmart.

I'm really looking for something like Indiebound, but for toys. Does this website exist?

I also really like how Indiebound will tell you if it's available in a local store. I'd like to avoid going to physical stores because I can't legally drive in the US, so my mom would have to ferry me around, and my parents live 45 minutes away from the nearest toy store, BUT it's not out of the question if there's a good one that has what I need AND there's a website that will tell me this.

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Best answer: I've been happy with the quality at HearthSong. I'm having trouble linking right now, but it's
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Best answer: Magic Cabin is a nice, independent toy company. They have a couple large (12"+ tall) dragons (red) (blue).
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Best answer: Still a big box, but Target has great online service, a huge selection of toys, and will ship orders over $50 for free (or free if you get their "redcard" credit or debit card). That's likely going to be a better bet for "an Optimus Prime" than an independent toy store. Also, you can see if they have something in stock at a locaton near you.

Most of the other online toy stores don't have physical locations, but the top ones are Fat Brain Toys and ToyWiz.

Retailers like Hearthsong and Magic Cabin sell great toys, but they generally don't have media tie-in toys like Optimus.
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Best answer: Creative Kidstuff is a lovely Minneapolis based store with a pretty good web site.
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Response by poster: I can't believe I forgot about Hearthsong! I used to pore over their catalog obsessively as a child. They had the greatest kits, I hope the quality is still the same!

These are great answers, thank you so much, everyone! More answers are very welcome.
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Bob’s Big Bad Toy Store may not have a physical store, but I’ve had good luck ordering from them in the past and they may meet your Optimus Prime needs.
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I've shopped for my kids (and have a wishlist for myself!) at Fat Brain Toys. Very happy with everything I've purchased there.
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