Fake MySpace/Geocities Account?
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I want to make a mini site (or even a one-pager) that resembles an unholy mashup of a MySpace/Geocities profile. (If it's hosted on Neocities/Angelfire/Tripod/etc even better). I can come up with the content, but am not sure how to code the layout. Are there easily available templates I can use to approximate the look and feel of an old-school MySpace profile? (I think MySpace itself still exists, but it seems slick now and I want to make it look super janky)
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Maybe you could borrow stuff from cameronsworld.net?
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There's also a geocities Bootstrap theme, only useful if you're already familiar with bootstrap though
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Best answer: Here's a Tumblr theme that night work for you, depending on how much content you want on it?
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Check out the Hypnospace page editor.
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I’d hit up the Wayback Machine on archive.org, go look around for Angelfire sites, and then gank their code.
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This pizza place near me has a pretty cleanly-coded 90s-style page.
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Response by poster: brook horse: aahh yes that Tumblr theme is pretty much what I'm looking for! Im I've played around with Tumblr themes before, hopefully it'll let me change up the background/colours to make it look more old-school, but that's a great starting point!
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The link to the designer's website at the bottom of that pizza place site still works, and it's not what you might be expecting based on the pizza site.
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No, of course not -- the pizza site's page is completely done in hipster-irony, but it's also done quite well / legibly, from a quick glance at the source. The place opened in like, 2016? and is notorious for having the 90s spoof, so I thought it might be a good example.
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Response by poster: oh damnit. Due to Tumblr shenanigans, my project might not last on Tumblr for very long. Is there a way I can port brook horse's layout elsewhere?
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