Guitar stores in Buenos Aires
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I'll be spending the New Year in Buenos Aires this year. I assume that with all the rockers in Argentina there should be some good guitar stores? Where would this be?

We'll be staying in Palermo. Second hand is good, probably better than new. We're coming from Chile, what would the price difference be like?
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There's a small district of musical instrument stores, sort of around the corner of Sarmiento and Talcahuano, and then running a few blocks west on Sarmiento and south on Talcahuano. I can't recommend any specific shops, but I think it would be a good area to do some browsing. If you're staying near one of the Subte D Line stations in Palermo, it's a pretty easy trip to Tribunales station, which is just a couple blocks north.

My general impression, as of September (so already after the latest Argentine peso crash), is that services and goods that were produced domestically, like food and wine, cost maybe half as much in Argentina as they did in Chile, but for imported manufactured goods, prices were much more comparable. I did not price any guitars in either country, but if you're not looking for an Argentine-made guitar, my guess is they might be a little cheaper in BsAs but not as dramatically so as some things.
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