Financial Boycott - How do I do it and can I get help?
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I want to boycott this administration and as many people connected to it as possible. I figure changing my spending/saving/investing habits is one way I can put my money where my mouth is. How to do it?

In short, I want to become more conscientious about where my money is going, and making sure it doesn't support Trump supporters and is instead directed to the degree possible to businesses that are not tied and/or actively working against.

1. What resources are out there for this? I remember there being a google doc -- ooh, I found it on, but it seems incomplete and focused on Ivanka. For example, there was a call to boycott the banks that were investing in the Standing Rock pipeline, but that's not included on the #grabyourwallet list.

My first priority is getting our financial house in order so banks that aren't shitty (to the degree possible) are of particular interest. One complication is that our household has a non-US citizen and I have found it difficult to get her an account at the first credit union we tried to switch to, whereas our Big Bank handled it okay.

I'm also interested in what other types of companies have close ties. If Target donated a bunch of money, I'd want to know so I can change my shopping habits. Or I stopped drinking Angry Orchard because it's owned by Boston Beer Company; its president is a Trumpy.

2. Out of inertia, we still bank with... a gross bank that I shall not name. Is there a service that would help us move everything (tied accounts, bill pays, direct deposits etc.) over to a new institution? Is there like a super bonded and insured TaskRabbit that I could hand this off to? Or is that crazy?

I reviewed prior questions but I figure it's worth a relook a year later. Thanks.
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If you are associated with the tech industry, you could join First Tech Federal credit union. They are great with non-citizens - many employees at Microsoft bank there when they first arrive in the US on working visas. You could then bank at co-op branches near you once the account is established.

I’m not familiar with a service that migrates everything for you - by the time you’ve identified all the things that need moving you might as well do it yourself.
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You can also join First Tech if you are a member of the Financial Fitness Association, yearly membership to which is $8. Interesting option.
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Sleeping giants target companies such as Amazon that fund Brietbart by buying advertising space on the site or paying commission for purchases made through their affiliate links.
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I think part of the reason why this is tough is that there is a lot of "unidentified donors" and superPACs and other forms of political money laundering. For the last 30+ years, the Trumps have their tentacles in a big chunk of the business and banking pie, and that's not even accounting for the indirect effects of other rich conservatives they buddy up with.

It may be a bit easier to frame it as a positive plan (e.g. actively seeking out women- and minority-owned local businesses) rather than a negative one (which is what boycotting typically entails).

On the banking side specifically, I bank with Fidelity and AFAIK they are not involved in nefarious goings on. They are technically a brokerage rather than a bank, so they don't do certain things, like loans or mortgages, but if you need a place to stash your cash, they have a Cash Management/Checkwriting account and refund all ATM fees, including internationally. No issues with non-US citizens either.
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Perhaps not an answer to your question but why not just start one? I'm sure you can built a short list and encourage crowdsourcing to grow it. I'd use it if you start it!
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Here's a chrome extension I found: Don't Pay Trump. Just found it, not sure how good it is.
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