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I just found this awesome store full of amazing Edward Gorey merch, which is run by and benefits the Edward Gorey House museum. I know plenty of people weird enough to want presents from this store. Woo hoo! Share w/ me your favorite cause-benefitting stores, full of artsy oddities and gifts!

I especially love that this features the work of a single artist, although I know Edward Gorey, as an illustrator, is in a fairly unique position to have his work pasted directly on all kinds of merch.
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I have often given Patrick McDonnell's books (The Gift of Nothing; Me, Jane and The Monster's Monster) as gifts. He also has branded merchandise on his site benefiting animal rescue associations-- details under "Charity and Donations".
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Meow Wolf (previously on the Blue) has an online shop -- purchases and visits support community arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and beyond with Meow Wolf donating half a million dollars in 2017.

More broadly, I believe many museum gift shops are operated as non-profits, or part of non-profit museums, helping to support the museums themselves.
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The 826 network! It seems each chapter has a different storefront.
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You may enjoy this article from Slate, which introduced me to many intriguing museum gift shops.
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(No answer, but THANK YOU for posting the Gorey shop!!)
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Maybe a little niche, but I was just looking at the store for the Eric Carle Musuem of Children's Picture Book Art yesterday. Lots of great gifts for kids and teacher-y types.
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Hoodcats is an Oakland project that started as a photo series and has grown into a trap-neuter-return advocacy group that fundraises to support the TNR efforts of Feral Change and Fix Our Ferals.
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Project Onward's shop supports the work they do--supporting the professional development of artists with exceptional talents and challenges, ranging from autism to mental illness--and is a good place to get affordable art. They also have a Threadless shop. For those who live in the Chicago area, they often have their artists at events doing portraits (or pet portraits).
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Response by poster: These are all great answers. Thanks, People of MetaFilter!
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