What are good interesting things to put in Marshmallow treats?
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I like to experiment with marshmallow cereal treats for an annual potluck. I’ve done all kinds of cereal, and bits & bites last year for a wonderful gooey salty spicy sweet thing. What are some odd, unexpected, or classic-but-delicious things to use in place of Rice Krispies?
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I've always liked when red licorice laces are used like ribbon to tie them up like little packages. The recipe in that link uses a cream cheese filling that sounds yummy.
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Brown butter!!!
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I have taken to making rice krispie treats with golden grahams instead of rice krispies, and throwing in a handful of chocolate chips to make s'mores bars. They're pretty great (though you may have covered something like that already in your previous cereal treats, apologies if so).
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I was also coming in to link to the Smitten Kitchen recipe that uses brown butter, it is life-changing.
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I just had popcorn covered in peanut butter fudge and drizzled in chocolate, and I could eat quite a bit of that.

Cocoa Puffs, Rice chex, or any rice cereal.

Add bits of toffee (break up heath bars), roasted salted nuts, broken up peanut brittle,
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Dried cranberries are really good.
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I love Special K bars.
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Lucky Charms.
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Duck bacon. Cooked and diced into small bits.
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Something I learned many years ago: do not make these treats with Count Chocola cereal it does not go well.
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Crushed candy canes!
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Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
If you’d like to try different types of cereal, you can get those single serving mixed packs and have fun.
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Santa crunch popcorn. You might need to up the marshmallow quantity.

Peppermint bark
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Thirding that the brown butter honestly changes the flavor in such a way that they taste more decadent, more special, way more delicious.

For fun ones, I've done a 50/50 mix of Rice Krispies and Fruity Pebbles (more of the Pebbles makes it way too sweet) or Cocoa Pebbles. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a great addition.
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Substitute Cocoa Krispies for the Rice Krispies.
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BACON!!!! Crispy bacon!!!
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I bow to msladygrey.
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Why not take them in an Indian direction with cashews, raisins and cardamom?
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Goldfish crackers taste very good with a sweet treat as a complimentary flavor.
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We used to put peanut butter in them.
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Biscoff Cookie Butter

FWIW, I don't think browning the butter makes a difference in this recipe. I like brown butter rice krispie squares and I like briscoff rice krispie squares but I think combining the two, the biscoff just drowns out the brown butter flavour so it isn't worth the extra effort.
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My boyfriend sometimes makes them with macadamia nuts, unsweetened dried pineapple, coconut, and a bunch of lime zest.
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It’s super simple but I’ve always loved Christina Tosi’s sesame ginger rice krispy treats. They’re a little warm with the ginger and more sophisticated somehow with the sesame.
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If you can find puffed wheat cereal, you should try the Prairie-staple puffed wheat squares, Western Canada's odd but delicious Rice Krispie Square cousin. They're even better with a bit of espresso powder added and a tablespoon or so of molasses subbed for a similar amount of corn syrup.
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As johnxlibris posted, Lucky Charms for the win. Also, browned butter and almond extract instead of vanilla.
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Melt a 12 oz bag of chocolate chips in with the marshmallows. It makes the texture looser but oh so delicious. You can also put some kahlua in the marshmallows.

I think you need to let us know some of your winning combinations, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, these all sound delicious! I didn't end up having a lot of time or energy to spend on new ideas so I ended up with one I've done before - Cinnamon Toast Crunch with crushed candy canes as a base/topping and a little cinnamon extract in the marshmallows. Totally amazing.
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