somewhere i picked up a bad habit...
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the question might be very mildly offensive or very mildy NSFW (i mean like pg-13) so i put it after the break.

somewhere i picked up the expression "pasta shaped like little bitches". today i remembered the line in front of it was about "spaghetti hoes - pasta shaped like little bitches". where in the heck did i get this from? saturday night live? some adult swim comedy central show (drawn together, looking at you). ugh... it's so stupid but it's killing me. like an earworm......

(apologies if this is offensive...)
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Saying it out loud, it almost rings like a misheard line from a 90s rap song (does the second phrase flow a little faster than the spaghetti part?). For some reason, I hear it in either the voice of Wu Tang or Biggie, but I can't at a cursory glance figure out what song it could possibly be. Might be a place to start.
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I recall it being more like a cartoon 80s commercial spoof.
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This sounds like Aqua Teen Hunger Force to me.
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Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood has a joke about her father thinking of flowers as "very small bitches"?
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I don't know the answer, but "spaghetti hoes" reminds me of "Spaghetti-Os" which were big in the 80s. Possibly a spoof on a Spaghetti-Os commercial? From SNL or something?
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Reminds me of Mad magazine or Garbage Pail Kids although GIS doesn't seem to turn up that particular pun..
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