What's the average salary of a U.S. hospice social worker?
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I know I can Google this, but I'd prefer to have real-world answers from real people (as well as the generic answers I can get from Google). What are some salaries for people you know in this field? Please specify the level of experience the person has, if you know it. Thanks!
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Sorry if this isn't what you're looking for, but payscale.com is a better tool for this than randomly googling (and perhaps even better than anecdotal answers) because it takes the person's individual skill set and experience into account.
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I'd also recommend the Bureau of Labor Statistics for this information. The closest occupation profile looks to be Healthcare Social Workers, but some of the other social work or healthcare categories may also be relevant. The Occupational Outlook Handbook has more general info on the field, as well as employment projections. Unfortunately, the data doesn't include both pay and education or experience, though it does show geographic variations.
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Intro salary is likely to be around $36,000-$40,000 per year depending on location. Higher salary for more dense areas. It only requires the basic level of graduate licensure, which tends to downgrade the going rate. In many states there's the LCSW or LICSW but there's another Master's level license you can get before passing the national exam and completing 200 hours of post-graduate supervision. Most hospice social work jobs only require a Master's level social worker.

(I made $25 per hour as a hospice social worker, but was working as a temp, and the temp agencies can get highly inflated rates.)

Most social work jobs at the Masters level start around that. Less for non-profit. Higher for hospital social workers.
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I suspect it's going to vary a lot by location. I could give you a ballpark for adjacent fields as I am a social worker for Adult Protective Services, but though I've looked at hospice jobs, I don't really remember what they paid. If it tends to be like medical social worker pay, I'd say 60s-70s.
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$65k in New York City, doing home visits, 20 years experience.
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I was going to say that entry-level in NYC is probably the low 50s.
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I agree beauru of Labor stats will get you better info, but anecdotally:

I worked for a ruralish social service agency where even the folks with decades of experience and education made $15 an hour (or started there and ended up wherever 1% a year got you.) as a supervisor I made $18/hour. These were the high paying positions, versus folks who did part time or other support services (job coaches, etc).
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