Is having Linksys guest wireless something I need to deal with?
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For reasons, it is a moderate burden to remove the default guest account on my out-of-warranty but still functional Linksys router that I just dusted off and set up due to a switch of internet providers. Do I need to worry about it? I tried connecting to it myself, and while I didn't get a password prompt, it also didn't have internet connection.

I googled how to remove the guest account, and I needed to download an app so I did and then the app needs a router password that I'm fairly sure I never set up but it isn't the default one either and Linksys wants $$ to help and blah blah blah this is taking too long and do I even need to worry about it for security/etc purposes?
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There should be a reset button (small, use a paperclip) in the back of the router, hit that and you are back to defaults. Write the password in a post it and stick it on the router if you don’t have a good password management scheme.

You should login and grab the newest firmware for the router, lately there have been many exploits, and you don’t want to be part of a botnet.
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