Siri, help me with a shortcut
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I would love to be able to do a few things with the new shortcut app everyone is raving about in iOS 12. I can't seem to find the actions I need though and they're hard to google. Please help.

There are two quite specific things I want to do.

First one is to access the call-back function for a missed call, but I want to edit it in between, to add a prefix. This is my main priority!

Second is to turn off bedtime, wait a few hours, and then turn it back on. I could activate it with "Siri, I'm having an early night".This is to avoid the go-to-bed warning waking me when I'm already asleep. This is prio two but I would like to understand how to do this, I can't work it out so far.
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I recently stumbled upon Matthew Cassinelli's YouTube channel. He worked at Workflow before Apple acquired them. He provides videos with instruction on how to use short cuts. A bit creepy how he doesn't seem to blink, but there is a great deal of information there, and he seems like a good resource. From his YouTube bio:
Matthew Cassinelli is a Siri Shortcuts expert after working at Workflow before Apple acquired the team. He wrote the original documentation and built many of the Shortcuts in the Gallery today. Please leave comments with iCloud links to your shortcut if you have questions!
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