How can I save popcorn kernels for a LONG time?
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I received a wonderful amish popcorn kernel variety pack.

They all came in little 4 oz packets that do not seem to be vaccum sealed. I'm not sure if I should just leave them in the packets. Though I do love popcorn, we purposely do not make much of it (because if we did we would get fatter than we are already getting.) so ideally we'd like this variety pack to last us the next 10 years if possible. :)

A quick search on the internet tells us to never store them in the freezer because this apparently ruins them. So what is the best way to store these packets and how long can we store them before they start to lose their flavor/texture/ etc.?
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Just put the packets in a Mason jar or a Tupperware container and close it. It won't go stale.
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Popcorn happens when the moisture in each kernel expands til the kernel explodes. So while it's pretty long-lasting, it probably won't be indefinitely as good as it is now. I think you should just enjoy it over the next year, ideally drenched in butter and while cuddling with a nice movie. Life's too short to ration delicious snacks!
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Put the packets in a big freezer bag so that it’s more air-tight.
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