The history of TinyLetter?
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I am writing something which requires a bit of information about the digital newsletter platform, TinyLetter. I'm really after fairly basic stuff: who made it and when, when it was bought by MailChimp, perhaps a couple of sources/citations which help me understand when it became popular.

It's the kind of thing I'd normally go to Wikipedia for, but it doesn't have its own wiki page - and there's no info on the Mailchimp page either. A search of google brings me a bajillion articles on newsletters and who's doing them well, but nothing (that I can tell) on the simple nuts-and-bolts history of the platform. The 'about' page of the TinyLetter website is equally infuriating - just a bunch of quotes from people who love it.

Any ideas where I should be looking or what I should be searching for?
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Their Crunchbase page is a start, and Crunchbase always has tons of relevant articles about business activity.
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I honestly didn't know that 'pud' of F%*!ed Company was the founder, but it was a pretty rapid sale to MailChimp.

I just checked through my mail archives and my early-adopter crowd didn't start doing TinyLetters until 2012, and it was around 2014 that people started to notice that "an internet of newsletters" might be a thing, in part because Rusty Foster's Today In Tabs became a thing.
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There's this article too at Wired.
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