Is this website legit?
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In an attempt to be cautious, I’m turning to Metafilter to assess the credibility of this retailer based in Australia. Please, only answer if you have experience in this area. Thank you very much.
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I don't have experience with this site, or Australia, but I have years of experience developing ecommerce sites. There are 2 huge problems here:

1. First thing I do is check a site's payment options terms. This site lists credit cards AND Western Union. That's enough to make me run for the hills. But I looked further.

2. If you choose to use a credit card, their checkout page passes that information unencrypted.

There's no way in hell you should use this site.
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I would not describe them as a retailer based in Australia.

The images are obviously cropped from what is presumably somewhere else.

I would not order from them. Too many warning signs.
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It's not Australian. The website is registered to ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED.
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Australian here. This site looks very weird to me. The site refers to 'sales tax' which we don't have here (although we do have a 'goods and services tax' or GST). It would also be strange for an Australian retailer to display a United States Postage Service logo. Our national carrier is called Australia Post.
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The site is registered WITH, not registered TO
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The domain is 'thetattooedinternetmarketer,' but they sell shoes and hate.

That 'BRAND' logo appears to be stock photography.

They accept credit cards, Western Union, and bank transfer (and, per their 'About Us' page, PayPal), but the site also has a Google Pay logo (and the Payment Methods page makes reference to rather than

They claim to ship internationally using USPS, but the site also has DHL and UPS logos.

They claim to use 'industry-standard encryption,' but they don't even use https.

The FAQ is... not reassuring.

Not familiar with the site, but, combined with the things other people have mentioned, that's about a dozen too many red flags for my taste.
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That site clearly used to be this guy's website, which is what might be creating the impression it's in Australia. I've no idea how he lost control of it (presuming he hasn't reinvented himself from selling SEO to being the world's most inept scam artist) but I think it's safe to say that, short of a massive flashing banner offering you a share in a Nigerian fortune if you follow these three simple steps, this site couldn't look more like a scam as far as I'm concerned.
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Rather damning: look at all the domains that have the identical broken-English wording that is on their Contact Us page.
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The domain is 'thetattooedinternetmarketer,' but they sell shoes and hate.

Whoops. Hats. They sell hats.
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Right. Hats.

Thank you very much, everyone! Hats off to you.
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Well some offerings....

Women's Hats 20778944 Blue Batman DC Comics Roll Down Mask Knit Winter cheap sale

run away
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