Fun dinner destinations in Chicago
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I'll be heading with a friend to Chicago on 12/1 for a concert. I'd like to go someplace fun and unique for dinner before the show. I would rather not spend more than about $100 for the two of us.

My original plan was to hit up the newish Safe House in Chicago (we're both huge fans of the original in Milwaukee), but she recently visited there with a different friend, so it's not new to both of us any more. So I'm looking for alternatives. The food doesn't need to superb, but looking for that kind of unique/kitschy experience. We'll be staying downtown, and will be lyfting around town, but I guess we'd rather not make the trek out to the suburbs if possible. And, since it's in a couple weeks, places that book months in advance aren't a good bet either.
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Response by poster: Some more info: both of us are omnivores, most ethnic food is OK. She's not a fan of spicy, but as long as the menu has heat options I think it'd be fine.
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For sincere kitsch and really good German food, The Berghoff Restaurant is a classic choice. For intentional Kitsch, Eleven City Diner (Jewish deli) or the Little Goat Diner (hipster American new) are worth a shot. For a combination of both kinds of kitsch, the original Billy Goat Tavern is worth considering, though the food is very, very far from superb.

There are also plenty of options in Greek Town that are historical, local, eccentrically decorated, and worth a look. I can't recommend any in particular.
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Where is the concert?
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Half Shell in Lakeview. A cash only seafood dive in a basement.
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Little Goat, LITTLE GOAT.

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Kitschy, you say?

Say no more:
Three Dots and a Dash for tiki kitsch
Carnivale for ostentatious Latin kitsch
Paradise Park for Americana kitsch

YMMV on food at each of these, but for sure, they are super kitschy atmospheres.
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I got juuuust the thing for you. Just look at the Afro on the dude in the middle of the logo!

Kitsch'n on Roscoe!!
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I am not familar with the other suggestions, but I came in to second Little Goat.
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Tre Kronor. Is good. Is unique.
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Monk's, maybe, if faux medieval / college bar vibe (with peanut shells all over the floor) interests you. Food is just okay bar food, but the beer list is excellent.
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