what travel tv show , shown in Seattle, went to Amritsar
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A few months ago in Seattle I saw a travel television show ( probably on KCTS). I'd like to watch it again but my google skills are not good enough for me to identify it. The host was a man, perhaps in his mid 30's. Part of the show involved a train journey to Amritsar, India. In Amritsar, he visited the Golden Temple among other sites. Can anyone tell me what show this was? Thanks.
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Best answer: Was it Tough Trains?
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Do you remember what sort of accent the host had? I think I've seen many more British-person-hosted programs about gallivanting around India than non-British so if it was an American or Australian or non-English-as-a-first-language accent that might narrow it down.
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Perhaps it was Tropic of Cancer?
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Michael Portillo's Great Indian Railway Journeys? He's a bit older than you describe, but he definitely did an episode including Amritsar.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick responses. notquitemaryann got it : "Tough Trains" with Zay Harding.
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