Getting best quality iPhone photos to print
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I have an iPhone SE and would like to print photos from it. When I email photos from my phone, they come out quite large, but grainy. How should I be getting photos off the phone (or out of the cloud) if I want the best resolution to print?
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I quite like Dropbox for this purpose. If you install the app on your phone then it includes the ability to select for "Camera Uploads" to be on. That means that everything in the photos app on your phone should be synced to dropbox and can then be accessed from another computer for printing/editing.

Be aware that it is possible to set your iPhone/iCloud ("optimise iPhone storage") so that full versions of your pictures are stored in the cloud and lower resolution ones are stored locally - and this is done automatically as a decision when memory on the phone starts to run short. For the above trick to work you need to have a phone which is storing the full resolution version of the picture on the phone.
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"Large but grainy" sounds like an issue with the quality of the photos you're taking, not an issue with your iPhone's photo processing. How large are you printing these? When you print them at normal photo size or print them via a photo service like Shutterfly or whatever, how do they look?
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What kind of computer are you using?

If you are using a Macintosh, the simplest thing would be to use Airdrop to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Macintosh. Computer and iPhone need to be logged into the same Apple ID. Select the photo, tap the "share" button (the little square with an upward-pointing arrow coming out of it). The share sheet should show an Airdrop option listing your Macintosh.

The Mac also comes with a built-in app called "Image Capture" that can be used to transfer full quality images and movies from your iPhone to your computer.

E-mail should also work. You might get different results if you initiate the process from your e-mail app (by saying attach a photo) or from the Photos app (by saying share this photo via e-mail). It shouldn't differ, but it might.

Or you can go the route of transferring your photos via some cloud storage service such as Drop Box, Google Photos, or iCloud.

On the other hand, it might just be that the photos aren't high enough quality to begin with, as DarlingBri suggested.
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When I email photos from my phone, it asks if I want to send them as small, medium, large, or actual file sizes. Does your phone ask you this? Or maybe it defaults to one of the smaller file sizes?
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