Anti-Brexit filter: homemade sign slogans?
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I'm heading to the People's Vote march in Hyde Park this Saturday, to protest for a new referendum on Brexit. I need a devastatingly brilliant slogan to rip off for my homemade sign. Currently lacking spoons or whatever the intellectual equivalent of spoons are. Any suggestions?
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Of course please put whatever you want on your sign, and if something clever will make you happy go for it, but I really appreciate straightforward signs that just say what you want e.g. "Hold Another Referendum" or "No Brexit" or whatever. I think it's valuable when you have signs that just articulate what you want.
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I like: 'For *U*K's sake, STOP BREXIT' and might use it on my banner. I'm also considering 'Re-EUnite our Kingdom: STOP BREXIT'.

There's a very active thread mulling over this very question on The 48%'s Facebook page - there are heaps of ideas there, many of them witty.

GOOD ON YOU and see you there!
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Which occurred to me long after a bunch of other people had thought of it.
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If I lived in the UK and could go to the protest, my sign would say "WHAT KIND OF WORD IS 'BREXIT'????" because it captures my distaste for both the idea and the name it's been given.
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I’m going too! Am also scheming on a scathing pun but coming up blank right now so might have to go the straightforward route as suggested up top. You can never go wrong with solidarity and clarity.
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I agree a short message to maximise readability is best so Stop Brexit might be ideal, but here are a few more ideas:

No Deal? - No Dice!
Stop this Madness
Chlorine Washed Brexit
Backstop Means Backstop
Who's Afraid of a People's Vote?
Take Back Control
(with this last one, make sure there's some smaller anti-brexit text at the bottom to confirm that you're not an infiltrator!)
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"I want my multiculturalism back."
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Here's another one, inspired by Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View:

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We went with “Even Baldrick had a plan” in the end!
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FWIW my friend went with 'VOTEY MCVOTEFACE,' which I enjoyed.
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