Leinster rugby tips/suggestions?
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On a whim I booked a ticket to Leinster Rugby match in Dublin for Friday 12. I’m going solo, but I want to maximize this experience.

I have working knowledge of rugby, maybe a 5th graders? I want to know what pregame things I should do(pub and food) , where to learn some songs to sing, what is annoying to supporters (this is a European championship match so assume some seriousness)
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You could perhaps ask this in r/Ireland if you don't get a lot of answers here? You 100% want native advice and Ask can be a bit short of people currently living in Ireland.
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A few minor points of general UK & Irish rugby etiquette, which may or may not be of use (and may or may not be followed by absolutely everyone):

* Respect the kickers. If a player - from either team - is taking a penalty kick at goal, then it is considered polite for the crowd to hush and let them run up to take the kick in peace, without distraction. It's a magnificent and eerie experience when silence descends upon a stadium of several thousand. (I watch most of my rugby matches in a local pub, and even there, preparations on the screen for a penalty kick will cue an only-semi-joking piercing collective SSSHHH! all over the place.)

* Respect the referee. Do not boo their decisions, question their parentage, or advise them that are in need of a guide dog. (This isn't football.)

* Respect the opposing fans. Both sides are mixed together, and are expected to Get Along Nicely. Teasing banter is fine, but keep it friendly.

* Molly Malone (a.k.a. Cockles and Mussels) is the Leinster anthem.

Enjoy! Looks like it'll be a cracking match.
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The first pub that comes to mind for pregame drinks is Kiely's. I've only been there once though, and it really wasn't my scene. But I'm a Munster fan so that's a bit of a given :)

That's a Heineken match, so should be a good crowd, and its in Donnybrook not the Aviva, so you'll be closer to the action. It's been a few years since I've been to a game there, but I do remember a biting wind there. Not sure you'll have to worry about that on Friday, Storm Callum should have passed on by, but do think about the weather.
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I’m not sure about Dublin but crowd culture in Rugby is generally a little more refined than in soccer; especially regards swearing and chanting, and sledging is usually more witty than crude.

It’s a game for gentlemen after all!
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