Name that Plant (Variety)!
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I have what I believe is a volunteer amorphophallus in my yard. I want to ID the variety, and also learn about the best care to keep it alive.

We live in Miami-Dade and I found it while cleaning out our very overgrown yard a couple weeks ago. It's maybe 4 feet tall right now and there's another that's maybe 3 feet. I know wild ones are rare, so should I call the extension office or something?
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Sure, I would send them an email with a pic. See what they say.
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Definitely an Amorphophallus; some very cursory image-searching leads me to suspect A. paeonifolius (mostly based on the way the spots lower on the stalk become streaky after the leaf starts branching into leaflets,* and the fact that it appears to be a fairly commonly-cultivated species. Though since my guess is contingent on people correctly identifying the plants in their own photos, I don't have a lot of confidence in it.).

Should it bloom someday, you'll have a more definite ID. Though then you'll also have a whole new problem to deal with.

*(weird terminology because with Amorphophallus, the whole "tree" is botanically just a single heavily-divided leaf)
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