How do I keep a program from accessing internet in Windows 8?
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I want to run a program but prevent it from accessing the internet. This is windows 8. I thought that's what the windows firewall did, but I can't figure out how to set it up. I have tried googling and that just made me feel dumber. How do I do this?
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Years ago I successfully used zonealarm to stop a trial program from talking to home. The process seemed very straightforward.
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I'm mostly replying to watch this thread, but also to ask a sidequestion: Is there no equivalent to Little Snitch in Windows?

It does exactly what you're asking for on the Mac; you get the chance to review every outgoing and incoming network connection by application and connection destination. It's GREAT.
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Uberchet; There's several ones like Zonealarm, COmodo etc. They're all pretty big though (they have their own Firewall embedded). A simple one that I use is Windows Firewall Control,

It's basically a nice GUI for the inbuilt windows firewall, can prompt when software accesses internet, and create/deny rules as they do. Recently bought by Malwarebytes, for better or worse...
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