How to health care?
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I am in Washington State. My wife, who has provided our health insurance via her employer, is losing her job on Oct. 31. We have established a user account at and I am filling out the forms on her behalf. They are confusing. How should I fill them out?

I am buffaloed by the temporal referents in the form: yes, we have insurance today. But we will not in 30 days. What is our current income? Well, it's about 4.5k/mo, today, but in a month, it will be zero.

My wife is an insulin-dependent diabetic and has been since she was an infant. We *must* have active insurance on the first of November.

When filling out similar forms in a workplace environment, I would tend to just look at the reported numbers from our joint 2017 1040 for income, but we know that 2018 will be very different.

The current-coverage stuff for the employer-provided insurance is also puzzling for me - it asks for, for example, the lowest-cost insurance plan we were offered. We have no idea what that was; we know what the current plan we participate in cost us, and what COBRA would be (it's prohibitive, of course).

I feel like if I fill out the plan and attempt to respond in the present tense, as the form questions are framed, I will fail in my mission to obtain coverage by the 31st, in part because I have no meaningful way to answer what our current income is or will be. I'll know the answer to that question on the same day I did this year, April 15th.

I am not interested in lying or misrepresenting anything.
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You should call their helpline, and get their ok to use the numbers for November 1. They actually are quite helpful.
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You are logging into the wrong web site. You should be going to:

That is the Washington Obamacare insurance site. Under Support you will find Navigators that can help you. Put in your zip code and you will find the navigators nearest to you. Note that some navigators are government workers and some are non-profit volunteers. Any should be able to help you.
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