A cookie made from crushed cookies
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I am looking for another recipe that I bookmarked and then lost. This one was a pretty standard sugar cookie recipe but after the first bake, you grind up the cookies into a powder. Then you mix that powder with butter and rebake the dough. Do you know of a similar recipe?

There may have been more than butter in the final mix. There may have been more than one bake/crush/mix cycle. All my searches are bringing back biscotti or twice baked shortbread. I feel like this recipe was on a newspaper website when I found it and the article said they turned out "airy".
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I think of Momofuku's Compost cookie as something in that wheelhouse of re-use, though not that specific cookie you ask after.
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It almost sounds like a recipe for homemade cookie butter, then a recipe for cookies made with that cookie butter. That's very hard to google, and most recipes I'm seeing use Trader Joe's cookie butter.
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I vaguely remember this technique showing up in a cookie recipe featured on the You Are Not So Smart podcast. The podcast is about social psychology and irrationality in general, but there's a gimmicky section at the end of each episide where the host presents the results of an ongoing cookie recipe contest. I can't go through all the recipes this morning to find the right one, but they are all here: https://youarenotsosmart.com/cookie-recipes/
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http://carolscookies.com/what-to-do-when-the-cookie-crumbles This one uses crushed sugar cookie and some other ingredients to make a tasty sounding cookie.
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Only related sidelong, but my grandpa's standard recipe for stollens and other yeast-dough pastries (caramel rolls, kolache) calls for ground-up cookies or cake as a major component in the nut filling. If we didn't have stale cookies laying around, a box of nilla wafers or half a box-cake would suffice.
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A cookie made of cookies, you say? I'm in. *wipes drool on sleeve*

With the second batch we can try making cookies made of cookies made of cookies!

I am finding a lot of recipes that say to use them in place of graham crackers in a crust. I did find this one thing that suggests blending them with butter -- but it's to make cookie butter, and not a new-to-you cookie: https://www.craftsy.com/cooking/article/homemade-cookie-butter-recipe/ (though I suspect it's essentially the same as LKWorking's, above.
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I've done that to make an oreo pizookie. This may not be the exact recipe I used but it's similar.
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Final update from the OP:
I found the recipe.

It is the Petit Beurre cookie that used to be served at Jean Georges. Here is another site with the same recipe:
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