Is is possible to find more of this (engineered) hardwood flooring?
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I purchased flooring from Lumber Liquidators about 9 years ago, and now need just a few more pieces, but they don't carry it and don't know what it is. I have pictures, and if someone can help me identify it to see if I can get more, I'd be eternally grateful!

Here is the link to pictures of the ends of the flooring:

We purchased it about 9 years ago from Lumber Liquidators in Mukilteo, WA. Recently we removed a countertop in that room, and while I have 5 extra pieces from when we originally put in the floor, I need about 5-6 more to finish the floor.

It's an engineered floor with a laminate top, and was a fairly cheap option when we got it.

I'd love to find a place that has this available, and get 1-2 more boxes so that I don't have to finish the floor with a different type/brand. As it is right now I don't know the style, brand, or anything like that. Hopefully someone out there will have the answers for me!
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I would just take it there and see if you can match it against their sample boards. They may also still have your install on record.
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I already went there, they said they don't carry that floor, and none of the employees knew what it was. They also said that it was purchased long enough ago that they don't have any information about it on file.
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When we needed to match our engineered floors installed some years prior, we knew the exact brand, color, finish, reseller and original manufacturer, but both the reseller and the manufacturer said that it's futile because (a) different production runs will result in different color and finish, and (b) flooring fades over time so even if you could replicate the production run exactly, the new flooring would still look a little different next to the old flooring. Both said that we'd be better off getting a bunch of samples to match to the existing flooring.
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'Engineered hardwood' is usually used to describe flooring with a top layer of solid wood bonded to a plywood base. What you have is normally just called 'laminate flooring'.

I think the only way you're going to work this is to take a sample round to number of stores to see if they have a close enough match, both for the colour and the fitting style. Flooring designs are a lot like tiles and paint colours - often not available for any great length of time.
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Do you have enough in bedroom closets you can rob?
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engineered is made from chips, laminate is plywood & ya they do a billion board feet or what ever the run is 7 that's it!
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To clarify, I have no more flooring I can pull from anywhere else, and I'm not concerned about whether the colors will match exactly due to fading over time or whatnot. I am specifically trying to find out what type of flooring this is that I have so that I can try to find more of it, and if someone can identify it from the pictures I linked, I would be very appreciative.

If I end up having to finish the floor with something else I know how to do that, it's just going to be a lot more work than I want to put in.

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