What are the best Black TV shows to watch?
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I've realized that I have fallen completely out of touch with Black TV over the last couple decades but I just read the hollywoodreporter article on Kenya Barris, the creator of Blackish, and he mentioned being a writer on 'The Game' and I had never heard of it so I looked it up and it is definitely something I would at least try. What else should I queue up?

[ I'm not big on soap operas or soap opera style plots (Season 1 of Empire was okay but I bailed on it after that) ]
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Are you up on current shows like Atlanta, Insecure, and Queen Sugar? I've enjoyed Greenleaf, but I don't know if you'd find it too soapy.
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Being Mary Jane is from the same creator as Girlfriends and The Game. (The Game was a spinoff of Girlfriends, which is worth watching.)
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Dear White People
if you like superheroes, Black Lightning
it might be too soap-y, and the cast is mixed race, but I love Claws
The Get Down
Chewing Gum

You say it's been a while, did you watch The Boondocks? or Everyone Hates Chris?
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Nthing Insecure!
How to Get Away with Murder
The Chi and Power (haven’t watched either yet but heard good things)
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Carmichael Show.
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N+1thing Insecure and Atlanta, especially because they're shows that I'm not hesitant to share with my non-PoC friends.
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Nth Insecure, Atlanta, Dear White People

Also: Random Acts of Flyness is a new one on HBO. It’s a bit more avant-garde and experimental, doesn’t fit any standard categories. Which is why it’s so great.
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(The Chi, Power, and How To Get Away With Murder are all shows i like to love but you'll likely find them too soap-y, same with Scandal. BUT if you can get over that part, HTGAWM and Scandal are both top notch tv. Shonda Rhimes is incredible and knows how to do those things well.
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Nthing Atlanta, Deat White People, and The Get Down. Adding Snowfall.
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Luke Cage!

And also nthing Atlanta, Black Lightning, and Dear White People.
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It sounds like you were looking for recent TV, but it's worth looking back at In Living Color and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In Living Color did have homophobic and transphobic issues in some of their skits, but mostly their sketches are still relevant today. I was getting into The Carmichael Show and Marlon recently. Marlon may be a bit cheesy but I liked it.
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Just remembered Star. Maybe a little dramatic, but still good.
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I believe all seasons of Living Single are still available on Hulu.
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