Trivia with friends
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We have a bunch of friends that we like to play trivia with, but we are scattered across Ontario and getting together at pubs isn't convenient. I wonder if there is an app or website where we can each take turns being QuizMaster, and set up our own questions, teams, and the like.

We recently all camped together and spent a fine evening - women against the men, kids all in bed- passing the time with trivia. I'd love to see if we can make that work online somehow?

Some of us are more into it than others, but I think we'd probably all make the time time to play!
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Joining LearnedLeague and making/joining a private rundle is one way to do it without anyone needing to make questions. One person needs to get a fancy membership to make the rundle, though.

Protobowl is even lower-investment if you're thinking of more of a real time thing.
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I was coming here to say private rundle, LearnedLeague. Seems like there are maybe more LLamas on here than I would have guessed.
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Is it possible to get invited to LearnedLeague without knowing someone? Does Thorsten take walk-ons if asked?
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There's usually a LearnedLeague thread on MetaTalk (e.g.) shortly before the start of a new season asking if any MeFites would like referrals. I have referrals to give and no IRL friends :( , so if you'd like a referral, MeMail me for more info. The next season starts in November.

This was a post on the LL message boards for creating LL-style competitions, and might be what you want.
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There's a lot of online tools available for people to play role-playing games like D&D, which also have a leader and a bunch of participants. You might be able to utilize one of them?
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