Where online do you buy your vinyl?
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DJs - where online do you buy your vinyl? I've had great experiences buying from Juno in the UK, but I'm looking for alternatives. Google turns up a bunch of stuff but if you have any personal recommendations or experience buying from other sites (especially North American ones) please share. I spin mostly club/deep/progressive house.
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For your style, Release Records and Plastic Fantastic for upfront stuff. Occasionally Satellite for the rest. Of course, there's Hard To Find and Vinyl DJ for out-of-print stuff.

I haven't bought that much vinyl lately, though. The price is getting to be a bit much. Mostly mp3s these days, which you can buy from most of the above, along with Beatport and Stompy.
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I've had problems with Satellite records, and I can't recommend them.

What I can recommend is DanceRecords.com

They've got a great interface and excellent UI. They ship fast, and you can sign up for new releases. My favorite thing to do is go to a specific Genre, then sort it by release date, and then it will play samples from every record in order. I just play that while I'm working, it gives me a really good feel for the types of new records coming out right now.
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Don't have online buying experience I'm afraid, but to check stuff out I use nuloop a lot - they have little samples of all their - as they say in France - vinyls....
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Can I recommend you don't use Hard-To-Find.

For a start, they're expensive. Ridiculously so.

[alledgedly] Also, they have an extremely devil-may-care attitude to copyright and the like. The reason the have so much out-of-print stuff in stock, is that they press their own white label bootlegs - often putting a number of different tracks by different artists on the same vinyl in order to save (themselves) money. I ordered an old Green Velvet track a few years back, and received a very poor quality bootleg with other artists tracks on the other side.[/alledgedly]

Juno are the best.
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Check out Boomkat. I buy from them all the time, vinyl always comes in great shape.
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Planet X has always been good to me. I don't recommend Satellite Records at all. Terrible customer service.
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I'm a trance/progressive dj and my favorite favorite favorite store is:

Chemical Records

They get tons of upfront releases, have excellent turnaround time and good customer service. Out of all the online stores that I've purchased from, they are the only ones I have never had a problem with.

Also, I recommend Beatport and DJ Download for digital downloads.
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Some more US shops:
Vital Vinyl
planetxusa: used to have a minimum order amount, maybe still do
Submerge: detroit techno/house
Wax Addict: Chicago storefront w/ online sales, site down right now??
Evolving Records: never bought from them, but know folks who do
611 Records: Philly techno, house, progressive.

I might also plug a forum on discogs that I'm helping moderate to keep track of record shops by city around the globe. It's about a month old, so we're hoping it keeps on growing...
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Oh, and ditto on not shopping at Satellite. I stopped shopping there years ago, and from what I have heard, they haven't improved a bit.
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Also -- Don't sleep on Tower Records. Most of them have a vinyl section and you can pick up some really good tracks there from time to time, especially the Ultra Records releases. I picked up a half dozen singles the last time I dropped by there.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions. Lots of new places to check out! Thanks, everyone.
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one that hasn't been mentioned is forced exposure, and i also have had good luck with bent crayon. both north american.
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As a junglist my main sources are different, but I've had good experiences with the above-mentioned Chemical Records and especially Planet X (for many years now).
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I echo the recommendation for Release. Those guys are fucking fantastic, at least in the physical store.
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