Need baked egg recipes for toddler with an egg allergy
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Our 14 month old girl has been diagnosed with a mild egg allergy, and the allergist recommended that we regularly feed her foods in which the eggs have been baked, such as muffins, in order to help her grow out of the allergy as she gets older.

We've been feeding her 2-3 homemade wheat banana mini-muffins every morning for the past 3-4 months, and not only is our daughter getting sick of them, but I think it may be contributing to ongoing constipation issues she's been having since she started solids last December.

We are looking for more good baby-friendly recipes containing baked eggs, just to get her out of the muffin rut, and also to get her to be more regular in her bowel movements.
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Do they have to be baked specifically, or do they just need to be cooked/incorporated into a bread-like substance? My parents used to sneak quite a few eggs into pancakes and crepes to increase my little brother's protein intake when he was in his picky eating phase.
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Perhaps these pancakes? You could vary the fruits and/or syrups you put on top to keep her from getting bored.
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This one weird trick! (ha ha I love using that slogan)

I just discovered this 3 weeks ago and it is magic... 1 egg to 2 healthy tablespoons of roasted soft sweet potato in a processor or electric mixer, pours and cooks EXACTLY like a pancake. I make a huge batch at once and keep them in the freezer.

Add vitamin C rich foods to her diet for the constipation.

You’re welcome!
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You might find good ideas in this doc!
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Banana egg pancakes. Literally only two ingredients needed. 1 banana to 2 eggs. Tasty too.
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Frittatas and basically any other kind of muffin? You can make frittatas in individual serving cups if she'd fine that more fun, and they can be frozen.
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You may want to talk with your allergist regarding the recipe requirements. For my kid (whose egg allergy was initially pretty severe and has now outgrown it), the allergist told us that the egg needed to be baked at 350 degrees for at least 30 minutes to denature the protein. Because of that we were pretty limited to muffins and the occasional cake for about six months.
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You could make pretty much the same recipe with canned pumpkin or very soft cooked sweet potato, which have a lot more fiber than banana. It’d probably work with applesauce, and maybe prune juice with some testing (or maybe just bits of prune and/or dried apricot added to the batter.) With a bigger muffin you could make it into a little sandwich, which might provide some novelty.
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Popovers usually bake for about 30 minutes, and the batter is very eggy, would that work? And depending on how much she likes gnawing on the top brown crusty bit, may be a hit. You can then add a whole bunch of different flavors to it so she doesn't get bored - serve with maple syrup or fruit syrup/jam, or mix grated cheese into the batter, mix pumpkin/squash puree (or any baby food really) into the batter, etc.
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A baked French toast?
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This is pretty close to popovers, but Dutch Baby pancakes? You can load them up with fruit for the constipation.
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Coconut macaroons are amazing for constipation but they only include the egg whites.

Could you do baked mini quiches? You could put asparagus or peas or really any not very wet veggie in them.

For muffins, try pumpkin or zucchini, which may also help get things moving.

Are custards an option? Or does that not cook the egg enough.
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I thought I was going to be uniquely clever in saying “Pancakes!” :)

Pancake mix and an egg and you know the exact dosage she's getting. Fun to eat, add syrup as needed. Quick to fix, make bunnies and snowmen to customize.

Mmm, pancakes...
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My toddler son has egg (and milk) allergy, since he was an infant. My allergist does not recommend doing things like pancakes for egg allergy, FYI. They said that the general rule of thumb for baked egg is 30 minutes at 350, and that at least initially its important that the proportion of egg to other ingredients is not too high, so no quiche or frittata. The egg protein needs to be fully denatured and incorporated with other ingredients, thus the specific temperature/ time guidelines. YMMV especially if the allergy is mild, and apparently less cooked foods like pancake can be added as they progressively grow out of it.

I really like this zucchini bread:

Sometimes I also add berries or some sausage for extra protein.
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My mom often made a "pumpkin custard" that was basically pumpkin pie minus the crust and some sugar (with enough spices, it doesn't require much sugar at all to be tasty). That should easily exceed the 350/30 minutes requirement that folks mention, and has the additional benefit of plenty of fiber from the pumpkin.
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A quick oatmeal bread might be useful:

Failing that, bran muffins or a bran quick bread would probably help with the constipation. You can also use pureed prunes in baked goods where you'd otherwise use applesauce. Either of those can easily overdo things, though, so I'd try oatmeal first.
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Mark Bittman's muffin recipe is flexible. I make it with whole wheat, bran, 1/2 can pumpkin, dried apricot, walnuts and I add an extra egg. Definitely an answer to constipation, tasty, varied nutrition.

Corn fritters. I made these yesterday with garbanzo flour instead of wheat flour; they were delicious and very sweet because, corn. I really liked the ones I to which I added chili powder, but they were all good.

Make Cream Puffs can be filled with pudding or something sweet, or with creamed veggies like spinach or chicken salad. They're pretty easy to make.
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If the occasionally treat is OK, a lot of cookie recipes can be made in bar form to meet the 350/30 minute requirement.
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