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I bought the bottom part of a chandelier which has three hooks (for three chains). I'd like to use rods rather than chains (or rods with chains in them if necessary), but am not sure how to assemble it or what kind of chandelier canopy (the piece that attaches to the ceiling) I should get- can I use one of the vintage ebay ones with one hook or do I need to buy one that has three hooks, etc. If you've done this before, could you explain how I should proceed?
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I recreationally/therapeutically fix old lamps but I am having some trouble picturing what specifically you are hoping to do. Can you link to a picture of the "before" and a sketch the of "after?"

Until a recent move, I lived near enough to an old school lighting store that I could walk over there and get the all the pipe, nipples, and rods that I needed - this sounds naughty, sorry!

If you can't get to such a place, there are online suppliers, of course, but I'm just starting to develop relationships with a few of those and can't as yet recommend one over another.
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Supplier recommendation: Grand Brass.

Even if they don't have what you need, they often give you the terminology to search other places.
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