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Is there any way to retrieve documents (pdf, mostly) that have been SENT to the Kindle app for iPad via the Send to Kindle app? Details inside.

What it says on the tin, more or less.

Over my three years of owning an iPad mini (currently running iOS 10-something), I've used the Send to Kindle for Mac app to send a variety of documents to it. I no longer have copies of some of these documents, and I'd like to have backups of them just in case my iPad decides to die. Is there any way for me to do this that isn't hopelessly complicated? Googling only gets me instructions for sending TO Kindle, which is the opposite of what I want, and instructions for backing up books purchased from Amazon, which these are not.

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Try logging into your amazon account and going to the Your Content and Devices link under your account. (It might be
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@Kbuxton I've tried that, but I haven't seen any way to deliver the files to me via email or otherwise back them up.
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Have you looked at I'm pretty sure it would do this with an actual Kindle, less sure it works with the Kindle app on an iPad.
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I was just testing this in Calibre. I was able to use the Send To Kindle extension for Chrome to send this very webpage to my Kindle, then I plugged in and started Calibre, clicked on 'Show Books in the Main Memory of the Device', and the file is there.

You can subsequently 'Save To Disk,' but that seems to only yield a .azw3 file, which can then be opened with the Kindle app on the computer (or elsewhere, one assumes)... not sure from this quick test what's going to happen with a PDF, though!

// ETA: oh but also what COD said... Kindle, yes. But what about Kindle app on an iOS device? That could be a bit tougher, sorry!
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Follow up: looks like Calibre cannot "see" the materials in an iOS Kindle app, as it can with a hardware Kindle. Frustrating.
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One possibility is iExplorer, but that costs money. (answer suggested here.)

Another possible answer is here. Use iTunes File Sharing.

Good luck.
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