Working at RedHat?
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Working at Redhat?

I'd like to know if anyone has any experience working as a developer for Redhat in Raleigh. Thoughts?
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Are you looking for specific details about RedHat, or just details about what it's like to work for a large Linux distro?
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I interviewed at RedHat once. It struck me as being a lot like any other tech company of its size. A lot of what would be considered "lower level" employees are active in various user communities though, so I image it should be easy to track down RH employees to talk to. Also try LinkedIn... there seem to be lots of RH people there.
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I took a RHCE class several years ago, and the instructor seemed happy with Red Hat in general, and particularly liked his job. He was totally your typical high-tech employee... ie, paid well and a bit spoiled. It sounded like a good company.
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Response by poster: cmonkey: just Redhat. thanks.
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I work as a developer for Red Hat in Raleigh. What kind of thoughts
are you looking for?
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Response by poster: Thanks...I'm interested in work environment and the things you like/dislike about it. Traffic? Places to live? I appreciate it.
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Sent a private email with the work stuff.

Traffic in the area can be bad, depending on where your coming from/going to. The Red Hat offices are in south Raleigh, and most traffic is out to RTP (well, from Raleigh/Cary to RTP in the morning, and vice versa in the eveining) so traffic isn't as bad as it could be. That said, there can be a fair amount of traffic from North Raleigh this way as well.

Places to live depends on what your looking for of course. North Raleigh and Cary are essentially giant suburbs. The area immediately around the office tends to be a lot of student housing (the office is on part of the NCSU campus). Theres alot of new housing development in the Apex/Morrisvile area (south west of raleigh) as well as the Garner area (south east of Raleigh). Housing inside the beltline (I-540) tends to be noticebly more expensive than that outside.
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