Professor/grad student bars in Tucson, Arizona?
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Tucson has a lot of undergrad-heavy bars and straight-up sketchy dive bars, but where do the grad students and professors wet their whistle?
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No Anchovies or Gentle Ben's in Main Gate Square for after-work grad students meeting up, from what I see on our grad student listserv.

Professors are harder to pin down - young ones? Older ones? They are obviously in a different income bracket than the grad students.

Hotel Congress is always crowd-pleaser. Maynards has an upscale happy hour. Tap & Bottle for your total beer lovers. There are tons of local breweries in Tucson with tasting rooms, and some also with food, such as Ten55 that just opened downtown. I just went and the sausage was yummy.
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2nding Gentle Bens. Especially during the World Cup, many professors could be found there on a quiet afternoon. 1702 is popular for those on the medical side of campus. Culinary Dropout may be seething with undergrads right now, but after the end of the school year, my PI and some others treated their lab groups to lunch, drinks and games there. Sky Bar has a popular trivia night (Monday) that has a dedicated grad/prof following.
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Is Bob Dobbs' still around? That was where we used to hang out....
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You can't go wrong with the Tap Room at Hotel Congress.
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