Tracking website usage in Chrome on Mac?
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I have no idea how much time I actually spend working. I get up in the morning, start work, and then hours go by and I quit when I am finished. My work is split between two employers, and I use their websites to do it. For a number of reasons, I need to actually start calculating my work time more accurately.

The easiest way would seem to be if I could track how much time I spend on each of the websites. There are times when I am not actively working on the website, but still working behind the scenes in other software, so I need a tracker that will not stop timing when I am not clicking or scrolling, but instead the time that I have the tab open. It would also be great if it would allow me to see by day/week how much time I have been on the website.

I am using Chrome, on a Mac. Any suggestions?
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Block Site is a tool for blocking you from using distracting websites. More importantly for your purposes, though, is that it includes a website use tracker. (I think - it's been a while since I've used it.)
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There’s an extension called Toggl that does this.
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Chrome has an internal URL of chrome://site-engagement/ (type that into your address bar, links to it don't really work) that shows you "site engagement", a score of 0-100. This won't get you time but it may get you some useful historical data.

There’s an extension called Toggl that does this.
Toggl's nice.
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RescueTime is great and tracks on both the app and site level.
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