Managing Instagram there an easy way to do so?
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Is it possible to use a third-party site to manage the IG accounts I follow? Or am I stuck having to use the IG app to manage this?

I follow about 440 users on my personal Instagram account, and I'm trying to winnow this number down. On a different social media platform, like Twitter, I've used third-party sites to sort my followers/following accounts, view when they last posted, and so forth. When I search for something similar for IG, I encounter only marketing/PR sites which offer full-blown packages for business IG accounts: increase followers, metrics displays, scheduling posts, etc. I don't want anything like this, as it's overkill for my needs. Does something exist for IG accounts of my size, or am I limited to using Instagram to review my following list?
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Instagram's API access for third-party developers is much, much more restrictive than other platforms like Twitter. That's why you're not seeing as many apps that claim to be able to do this; because they can't.
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Or if the apps claim to do this, it's because it'll cost a metric butt-ton™ of cash for these services.

I was afraid this would be the answer, but it never hurts to ask the hivemind for other insights. Thanks, JB.
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