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I need to create a Wordpress website and it's very important that it look good and be easy to navigate on mobile devices. I also want to be able to customize the look and layout of the theme via menus. I probably would have chosen Atahaulpa a long time ago when I was much more knowledgeable about WP than I am now. Atahaulpa hasn't been updated in two years and there are probably better tools/themes now. Please tell me about them.

The website is going to be fairly simple and it needs to be created soon. So I'm looking for something that is easy to learn and which won't rely too much of my rusty CSS skills. I also want to use a theme/tool that is actively supported so I don't have to worry too much about security vulnerabilities.

My budget is about $50 and I already know about Weaver, although I haven't tried it yet.
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I used Divouge and bought the premium version for (I think) about US$75. I'm not associated with the developers in any way besides buying their work.

So far, I have had great customer service through email - within 24 hours.

The theme itself is easily adaptable and I have not had to brush off much or any of the scant CSS that I knew, though you can adapt and customize it even more in each individual section if you want.

For developing the site, it gives you the option to view it in each of three configurations: phone, tablet, and desktop - so you can see what it looks like.

On mobile sites, it has this great little collapsed floating sidebar (instead of a header or footer) that I have had younger people actually mention when they email me. So you always have this small square to navigate when you want to move on to another section or article.

More customization options than I actually use right now, but that is ok.

I change the look of it depending on what season I am in - so when I am actively registering for classes I feature more student projects (like now) and when I am not actively registering I collapse those and feature more writing and posts about my space, tools, books, and random related stuff. Easily adaptable.

I posted about it to projects if you want to look at it through my profile.

But I really like it. Easy to learn, easy to change and customize, and easy to navigate.

My site on phones gets a little long, but that seems to work for the way people read/use it. You can easily just limit the menus and pages to keep it from being a scroll-a-thon.
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I've been using Flatsome for my last couple of projects. I like the UI builder. But X-Theme and Divi, I use as well.
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I'd recommend Divi, I think it's a little bit more than $50, but it is mobile friendly out of the box, and generally pretty easy to use.
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