Molly Maid vs Craigslist vs Yelp
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Is Craigslist still a good go-to for home cleaning service in Chicago? I'm leaning towards Yelp for lack of any other alternative though I know reviews can be faked. I've never used Molly Maid. Has anyone had luck with this from CL? Any recs?
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NextDoor can definitely take a toll on your view of humanity but it is good for this sort of request. If it is available in your area.
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I've had a good experience with Molly Maid, though I'm not in your area of the country. They're professional and seem to do a pretty good job.
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Seconding the hyper local sites, both the recommendation and the reservation- might be Nextdoor or Everyblock depending on where in Chicago you are.
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I use American Maids for between-tenant cleanings in Lakeview/Lincoln Park, but I'm pretty sure they cover the whole city. I've found the price to be competitive and as long as I'm clear about the tasks (yes, clean the appliances, including the ceiling fans. No, don't clean the windows. Yes, clean the baseboards), they do an excellent job. I've never used them for a regular housecleaning, though, just an empty apartment deep cleaning.

FWIW, the three recommendations I've taken from Nextdoor in Chicago (plumbers and general contractors) did not pan out. YMMV.
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